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Hi, are you looking for something? Rounding out your decor? Starting from zero? Relax a while and browse through the site. The PRODUCTS page lists current inventory (well, some of it anyway… email me to visit the super secret storage showroom to see all of my fantastic finds). Feel free to browse through the ABOUT and PRESS pages, too. Oh, and if you want to get in touch? Well the CONTACT page is perfect for that. Thanks! Heather Karlie :-) hkv
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Good things come in threes. You've heard that before. And this past Saturday proved it again. I arrived early (as the early bird does in fact get the worm) to the flea market in Chelsea and made three purchases in quick succession. First up was the painting, then the sculpture and then the pair of bronzes. Oh, and I didn't post all of my latest news and finds here, so… Click the pics above to see them (and more) on my Instagram!
We may never know. Not just because the pair is unsigned, but also because since bringing them home, I have lost them.
November 20, 2017
So let's talk about that painting, James Del Grasso. A fantastic American artist painting in the realist style. Represented by many top New York galleries. Examples of his work on top online sales sites. You must be asking just how did I know all of this. Did I recognize his style? Did I know his work? Had I carried his paintings? None of the above. I simply looked at the painting and I liked it so I bought it. Then I turned it over and looked at the back and saw the gallery label. And then I noticed the signature. So before I walked ten feet, I had already confirmed what my gut had told me. Good paint is good paint. And with that good fortune now in my hand, I stepped into the next booth and purchased the carved sculpture. With it's strong nod to both Deco and Modernist styles, I was immediately drawn to the overall look. A profile in stone. Or maybe it's marble. I really need to take a course in geology. But I knew that I had to buy it as soon as I saw it and then as soon as I picked it up (heavy af, of course). So I left the sculpture in the booth, rather than carry it around as I was already carrying the painting, and headed over to the next booth. That's where I saw the pair of Edgar Degas style diminutive bronze sculptures. Both bronzes depict women, perhaps ballet dancers, in seated or lying positions. Maybe relaxing after rehearsal? We may never know. Not just because the pair is unsigned, but also because since bringing them home, I have lost them. Seriously. It's not like I live in mansion in Manhattan. But remember how I told you they are diminutive? I wasn't kidding. Wish me luck that they turn up soon… There was more that happened, but you'll have to check out my Instagram. Keep up to date with my latest finds on my Instagram feed and feel free to drop me a line sometime…
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Curated vintage in top interiors. Contemporary art. Fresh new products from amazing brands. Click here for more info!
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I'm all over New York City buying and flipping everyday. You can usually find my new finds on Instagram… be sure to follow to get your favorite find first. Sourcing the freshest antique, modern and vintage pieces is what I do every day. Whether I'm scouring the streets of Manhattan, the neighborhoods of Philadelphia or the flea markets along the East Coast - I'm always looking for the rare, the sublime and the unique. You can expect eye catching art, intricate sculpture, unique furniture, one of a kind lighting and so much more. Get in touch with me today and I'll start sourcing great finds for you! Working with a select group of Interior Designers is another aspect of my business. Loaning pieces for their showhouses, buying specific items and calling upon my curated group of artists and brands that I've created through Modern Look Book are other ways that I'm able to offer custom service to my clients.
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It was February of 2002 and I had just moved into a six month sublet in Alphabet City in the East Village. With $600 and no job, I thought I could make it in New York City. So six months went by and after searching the classifieds in the Village Voice I finally found my own apartment in the West Village. And guess what… Click here to find out what Heather Karlie Fine Art is all about.
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Modern Look Book started in 2015 as a new approach to vintage - making it modern. I wanted to mix in great modern and contemporary design, art and brands in vintage interiors. I gathered up a core group of friends and colleagues' work to debut it all alongside my vintage and antique finds. It was a huge success. Click here to read more!
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Heather Karlie Fine Art started off in a 341 square foot apartment in New York's West Village. Early morning sourcing at the Chelsea flea market yielded armfuls of antique, period and modernist picture frames. A quick email or two, appointments made on the Upper East Side and a subway ride were all part of my routine. I was sourcing for the top galleries in NYC. Click here to read more!


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