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Hi, are you looking for something? Rounding out your decor? Starting from zero? Relax a while and browse through the site. The PRODUCTS page lists current inventory (well, some of it anyway… the majority of our inventory is on 1stdibs). Feel free to browse through the ABOUT and PRESS pages, too. Oh, and if you want to get in touch? Well the CONTACT page is perfect for that. Thanks! Heather Karlie
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I know what you're going to say, "Hey, you skipped a week!" See, I knew you would say that. Let me explain, I wanted to leave the info on the 1stdibs storefront sale up for an extra week. So that's what I did. Okay, moving right along, the sale is still going strong and I did buy some cool pieces at the flea market over the weekend… Click the pics above to see them on my Instagram!
And as for the other photos, the gallery wall and the gallery wall undone, well let's just say it's been an interesting couple of weeks.
June 19, 2017
And now onto the fun stuff. Seriously, the bull is pretty fun, right? I'm pitchering (get it, like picturing) it filled with sangria. Maybe it's me but it also has such a fun Picasso - like vibe too. It looks to date to the 1960's or so and is in really great shape. I've seen a few online, but none had the scale or the painting on the belly. And you know how I love to photograph my vintage finds in the subway. Kinda goes back to how I started in this business all those years ago. With a MetroCard! Traveling now from Spain to Italy, I just had to have the mid century gilt metal sheaf of wheat sunburst style clock. It has really wonderful scale and presence and looks to date to the 1970's or so. It takes a battery, so I'll have to pop one in and see if it keeps time. It also might look cool with a mirror in place of the clock, just saying. And now, get your passport ready, we're traveling to the United States and the studio of Saul Lishinsky. Right in The Bronx. Mr. Lishinsky painted this self portrait on an English Sheffield plate tray. It's unsigned, but I bought it from a dealer who has been selling Mr. Lishinsky's work and he bought it directly from the family. The self portrait has great lines and shading as well as really strong colors. What totally sold it for me was the support - a Sheffield plate tray!. And as for the other photos, the gallery wall and the gallery wall undone, well let's just say it's been an interesting couple of weeks. Over the next couple weeks, I'll be getting ready (and shopping) for July Brimfield and I'll still be buying and flipping throughout New York City, so keep an eye on my websites and social media. And it wouldn't hurt to sign up for my mailing list too. Links for all of those things are all over all of my sites.
Planning and shopping are well underway for July Brimfield. In the meantime, I'll be buying and flipping in New York City so be sure to follow my 20th Century by HKFA Instagram account and my sale on 1stdibs is still going strong, so be sure to get in touch if you see something that you just can't live without! Picasso is quoted as saying, "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." So friends, let's work! ;-) hkv
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Curated vintage in top interiors. Contemporary art. Fresh new products from amazing brands. Click here for more info!
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Let's SHOP! Join me on 1stdibs for a tantalizing array of beautiful items... vintage, antique and modern finds that are at once rare and sublime... So without delay click here to see what's mine now and what should be yours with the press of a button!
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It was February of 2002 and I had just moved into a six month sublet in Alphabet City in the East Village. With $600 and no job, I thought I could make it in New York City. So six months went by and after searching the classifieds in the Village Voice I finally found my own apartment in the West Village. And guess what… Click here to find out what Heather Karlie Fine Art is all about.
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Modern Look Book started in 2015 as a new approach to vintage - making it modern. I wanted to mix in great modern and contemporary design, art and brands in vintage interiors. I gathered up a core group of friends and colleagues' work to debut it all alongside my vintage and antique finds. It was a huge success. Click here to read more!
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Heather Karlie Fine Art started off in a 341 square foot apartment in New York's West Village. Early morning sourcing at the Chelsea flea market yielded armfuls of antique, period and modernist picture frames. A quick email or two, appointments made on the Upper East Side and a subway ride were all part of my routine. I was sourcing for the top galleries in NYC. Click here to read more!


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