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Hi, are you looking for something? Rounding out your decor? Starting from zero? Relax a while and browse through the site. The PRODUCTS page lists current inventory (well, some of it anyway… the majority of our inventory is on 1stdibs). Feel free to browse through the ABOUT and PRESS pages, too. Oh, and if you want to get in touch? Well the CONTACT page is perfect for that. Thanks! Heather Karlie
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Memorial Day Weekend. First, a resounding THANK YOU to all who have served our country. Second, a quick re-cap of the weekends events, there was the New York City flea Market on Saturday, then a trip to Coney Island. And Sunday was spent in Central Park.… Click the pics above to see them on my Instagram page!
When the kids asked me if I was scared, I replied "No, of course not…" But really I was terrified.
May 29, 2017
Memorial Day Weekend is a time to remember and honor those who have served our country and to understand that some paid the ultimate sacrifice. Over time this weekend has morphed into the un-official start to Summer. A time when families and friends get together to celebrate the upcoming season of time spent together in the great outdoors. Perhaps this change isn't all bad, as folks are getting together and spending more time with one another. I like to think of it that way. And so, Saturday saw me at the Chelsea flea market with a rather good size crowd of vendors waiting to sell and dealers lined up ready to buy. But, ready I would stay as the only thing I bought was a cup of coffee and the $1 entry. Oh, what about the gold painted metal ball in the first pic? Well that was given to me so it really doesn't count. It's one of those balls from an old Pawn Shop. Now I just need to find two more, the bracket and the sign. For the meantime, I'll hang it somewhere in my apartment. Returning home, or rather taking my ball and going home, from the flea market I gathered up my kids and we headed out on the Q train to Coney Island. The day was a bit cool and overcast, but we didn't mind. We hit the beach and dipped our toes in the sand and the ocean and then walked along the boardwalk a bit. We went to Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park and had a fantastic time on the rides, and of course The Wonder Wheel! You know we chose one of the swinging cars! When the kids asked me if I was scared, I replied "No, of course not…" But really I was terrified. I just kept it to myself. Ha ha ha. When our feet were back on the ground, we strolled over to Nathan's for a hot dog, fries and an old fashioned lemonade. Delicious!
Planning and shopping have begun for July Brimfield. In the meantime, I'll be buying and flipping in New York City so be sure to follow my Instagram and get in touch if you see something that you just can't live without! Picasso is quoted as saying, "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." So friends, let's work! ;-) hkv
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Curated vintage in top interiors. Contemporary art. Fresh new products from amazing brands. Click here for more info!
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Let's SHOP! Join me on 1stdibs for a tantalizing array of beautiful items... vintage, antique and modern finds that are at once rare and sublime... So without delay click here to see what's mine now and what should be yours with the press of a button!
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It was February of 2002 and I had just moved into a six month sublet in Alphabet City in the East Village. With $600 and no job, I thought I could make it in New York City. So six months went by and after searching the classifieds in the Village Voice I finally found my own apartment in the West Village. And guess what… Click here to find out what Heather Karlie Fine Art is all about.
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Modern Look Book started in 2015 as a new approach to vintage - making it modern. I wanted to mix in great modern and contemporary design, art and brands in vintage interiors. I gathered up a core group of friends and colleagues' work to debut it all alongside my vintage and antique finds. It was a huge success. Click here to read more!
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Heather Karlie Fine Art started off in a 341 square foot apartment in New York's West Village. Early morning sourcing at the Chelsea flea market yielded armfuls of antique, period and modernist picture frames. A quick email or two, appointments made on the Upper East Side and a subway ride were all part of my routine. I was sourcing for the top galleries in NYC. Click here to read more!


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