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When you see pics of us, it looks like Justin Shaulis and I must go back. Way back. But it’s been just a year or so that I’ve had the pleasure of his friendship. And in that short year, we’ve created some big plans. Plans that include a California show house. You see, Justin was picked to be one of the designers in the Christopher Kennedy compound show house in Palm Springs, California. 20th Century by HKFA is honored to be part of the Justin Shaulis designed guest suite at the Christopher Kennedy show house in Palm Springs, CA. I first met Justin during High Point Market, but we had already been following each other on social media. It was at that first face to face meeting where we began talking about working together. Months later when the designers where chosen for the Christopher Kennedy show house, Justin and spoke about the concept. I was tasked with sourcing vintage furniture and furnishings for the room. There were a lot of early mornings at flea markets, days spent at antique shops and long nights at auction - all the while I felt like I was working in the dark. I sent images to Justin of my finds along the way, wondering if the pieces would work well in the design… Justin knew all along. He was working with so many of our colleagues and keeping us all in concert. And the end product? An absolutely tailored and chic guest suite balancing classic style with a modern aesthetic. And I am proud to be included in such amazing company. And I had the distinct honor of loaning a few pieces to his Guest Suite. Which pieces you ask? Well, check out these pics (see below)…

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The Justin Shaulis designed guest suite in the Christopher Kennedy Compound show house in Palm Springs, CA.

Modernism Week.

Products from 20th Century by HKFA…

Florence Knoll mid century lounge chairs, vintage brass floor lamp, brass cache pot, artist made concrete torso sculpture, ginkgo form brass dish, black marble quarter round bookends, vintage quartz and mineral table lamps.

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The Justin Shaulis designed guest suite in the Christopher Kennedy Compound show house in Palm Springs, CA.

Modernism Week.

Products from 20th Century by HKFA…

Mid century Modeline table lamps, vintage organic form brass vase, brass sculpture, brass stargazer bunnies.

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The Justin Shaulis designed guest suite in the Christopher Kennedy Compound show house in Palm Springs, CA.

Modernism Week.

Products from 20th Century by HKFA…

Mid century Modeline table lamps, brass stargazer bunnies, faceted glass dish.

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The Justin Shaulis designed guest suite in the Christopher Kennedy Compound show house in Palm Springs, CA.

Modernism Week.

Products from 20th Century by HKFA…

Black marble quarter round bookends, quartz and mineral table lamps.

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Want to learn more about the mix of vintage and contemporary? Visit Modern Look Book.

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When Ron Marvin called to say that he was participating in the annual Housing Works Design on a Dime event, I immediately asked to donate to this incredibly important organization. And so it was done. One chilly morning, I caught the ferry into Boston (where I happened to be interviewed by the local news channel and made it onto the morning news) and caught the train to New York City. Along with my vintage brass antelope head mounted onto marble. Arriving in NYC, I walked directly to Ron’s office and handed off my contribution to his amazing space. Click here to see photos.

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Who knew that at a dinner after the 2014 What’s New, What’s Next event I’d meet none other than Patrick Hamilton and he’d pose a question that I almost couldn’t answer… “Do you have anything jockey related?”. Let me back track a bit, Patrick was picked to be one of the designers for the annual Holiday House show house by Iris Dankner and his ‘holiday’ was to be the Kentucky Derby (hence the jockey reference). Unbeknownst to me, I was seated in between Patrick and Iris. The pressure was on. And I was determined to impress. Scrolling through inventory photos on my phone, I showed him piece after piece and received no after no. I was sweating. I needed to impress both Patrick and Iris. Scrolling through, trying to maintain my cool, I came upon the photo that would answer his question and become part of his masterful design. The vintage, monumental, shaped canvas painting by hard edge geometric abstract artist Sidney Guberman, roommate and friend to Frank Stella back in their Princeton days. Click here to see photos.

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Antiques dealer's hidden gem in Weymouth

Stephanie Simon
April 7th, 2015

Another great article (and loads of photos)... Thanks so much to the Patriot Ledger for the write up! Read the article here.

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Shop owner finds perfect spot

Gail Ryberg
February 26th, 2015

"Heather Karlie Vieira melded family and career goals when she recently moved to Hingham and opened a Weymouth showroom of vintage, modern and antique furnishings... Vieira's enthusiasm shows on her face as she gestures to eclectic showroom pieces. 'I buy what I like, because then I can be excited about it,' she says..." Read the complete article here.

A Creative Renaissance in Philadelphia's Fishtown - New York Times

Bonnie Tsui
October 9th, 2013
also appearing in the Sunday October 13th 2013 Travel Section

"Heather Karlie has an impeccable eye, sharpened by a decade spent stalking estate sales, auctions and flea markets for antique picture frames, furniture and housewares, all for top dealers in New York. Her year-old vintage design boutique, focusing on 20th-century modern finds, is chockablock with colorful treasures: a bright yellow dining room set, filigreed metal peacocks, and a pair of enamel lamps with colonial figures dancing across the lamp bases. The building dates from the 1700s. “I grew up right here, 30 years ago,” said Ms. Karlie, whose home is behind the shop.
1311 Frankford Avenue; (917) 575-3234;" - Click here to read the entire article.

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Recently featured in a local magazine, Philly Current, the article touched on my life and the antiques and vintage business. It was quite an honor to be interviewed. The photo shoot was also a blast, the kids and the dog enjoyed being part of the action! The picture pretty much sums up how I approach my business… make it fun! "Describe your typical day. My typical day is anything but typical! Sometimes I'm on the road before 5am out sourcing pieces and other days I'm in the shop with customers. When I'm out buying for the shop, it's not unusual to see my SUV packed to the windows with merchandise… When I'm in the shop, my kids and dog are always close by. It definitely makes for interesting conversation when the kids bring drawings for the customers. I'm super lucky that I get to hang out with them while I'm working."

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The Philadelphia Inquirer ran an article about local businesses. The reporter and photographer stopped by the shop for the interview. It was great seeing the shop in print. The kids were helping to organize some inventory and the photographer snapped a great pic! "It's why Vieira, a Philadelphia native who worked and lived in Manhattan for 10 years, returned and opened 20th Century by HKFA at 1311 Frankford in May 2012. With her husband and two young daughters, she moved into a home behind her business. 'Fishtown is going back to its roots, when Frankford Avenue was the avenue for shopping,' she said. 'It's neat to be part of something as it's evolving."

This is a video still from a live appearance on local morning television in New York City. I was asked to participate in an appraisal segment. The Keno brothers were the appraisers! It was a great segment and I brought in two cool pieces. A hand carved and gilt storage bench as well as a double sided French easel. It was an awesome experience and I enjoyed every minute!
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October 2007, NYC

Chosen in a nation wide search, I was made over from brunette to blonde in celebration of National Blonde Day and the movie Legally Blonde II. Of course this was all done on national television, The CBS Early Show, to be exact. The salon of choice? None other than the famous John Barrett Salon on the top floor of Bergdorf Goodman. In less than a month I was back to brunette. This time from a box. Less chic, more me.
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June 2003, NYC

I was interviewed by Alexandra Levit for her book on the coolest jobs. I've never really thought about being an antiques dealer as a job because it is my passion. It's what I think about all day and what keeps me going. I'm very proud to be part of her book and hope that my 'job' has inspired a few other people to join the world of antiques and art!

"Antiques dealing is a treasure hunt!... When you think about it, you're handling a piece of history. The piece has been through a lot of hands and now you're the one who'll place it in just the right hands" - Heather, thirty-four, antiques dealer - How'd You Score That Gig? A Guide to the Coolest Jobs and How to Get Them by Alexandra Levit

September 2006, NYC


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