NYCxDesign with Modenus

Well, I hope you all had a great weekend because I sure did! It started Friday when I was walking our dogs, Artemis and Gypsy, through Central Park. It was a super hot morning and the smell of the Central Park Zoo was leading the dogs, and me, down the path. It was then that my cell phone alerted me that a text had come through. Lo and behold it was an invitation from my good friend Veronika.…

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Veronika Miller and her daughter Flo Von Pellet are the dynamic duo behind Modenus - The Design Directory as well as Design Hounds. These two design superstars organized a series of talks and panels for NYCxDesign at Wanted Design in conjunction with Design Milk. The talk was described as… "Past + Present = Future. Reinvent the wheel? No. Improve it? Sure. How does the past inform the future and how can we apply and improve upon what art, design & architecture have already discovered over the past 75 years. Please join us for a lively discussion on how we pull and modernize trends and treasures of the past to create new environments, products and style directions. This talk is part of the Design Milk x Modenus Talks series at WantedDesign, presented by Wilsonart." Veronika invited me to speak on the panel.

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Of course it was a resounding YES. I joined a panel of experts including Mat Sanders from CONSORT Design (who I actually knew, but forgot I knew), Christian Boscherini who is the Marketing Director at SMEG (you know the amazing retro refrigerators) and Jason Miller, a Co Founder at Roll and Hill. The panel and discussion was super well attended and if I may speak for all of us, we had a great time! Plus, I had the pleasure of re-connecting with Mat and I'll be sourcing vintage finds for him and the CONSORT Design team in both Los Angeles and New York City! Woo-hoo! After the talk, my daughters and I enjoyed the whole show and exhibition, then we took a long walk on the High Line. It was a great weekend!